What is the Take2 Prophecy Test for NPC?

The Take2 Prophecy Test for NPC is the only early cancer screening test for NPC that is validated by a large-scale clinical trial for asymptomatic individuals. It utilises the latest developments in DNA technologies to detect NPC-associated human and Epstein-Barr Virus DNA in the bloodstream.

When NPC is present, cancer cells shed viral and human DNA into the blood.  Take2 analyses the circulating DNA in blood plasma using a combination of quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) and state-of-the-art Next Generation Sequencing technologies and data are analyzed and interpreted with advanced computer algorithms. 

Using these technologies, NPC patients can be identified at earlier stages, when there is a much greater likelihood of successful treatment resulting in more desirable outcomes.

Uniqueness and Advantages of the Take2 Prophecy Test for NPC 

  • Invented by a world-class research team of the Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Clinically proven for detection of NPC among asymptomatic individuals

  • High accuracy (>97% sensitivity)1

  • Low false-positive rate at 0.7%1

  • Non-invasive (only blood sample is required)

  • Enables early diagnosis, and hence results in a better prognosis (97% of the patients have a survival rate within 3 years)1

  • Patented genetics technologies using Next Generation Sequencing

Remarks: Test items other than Take2 Prophecy are performed by Take2's partnering laboratories and medical organisations.

Tests of the Previous Generation vs the New and Latest Technologies

EBV serology test was a widely available tool developed and used in the past decades for the characterization of EBV infection by detecting antibodies against EBV in the blood. EBV DNA quantitative tests were subsequently developed as alternatives. However, as EBV infection is highly common, the presence of EBV antibodies or DNA may represent merely a transient activation and may not be a reliable indicator of NPC. These tests often generate false-positive results which trigger patient anxiety and result in patients undergoing unnecessary NPC diagnostic procedures such as endoscopy, invasive biopsy and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) which may be costly and inefficient in detecting NPC at its early stages. In addition, many early-stage cancers could be missed. To address these issues, Take2 Prophecy NPC Screening Test is specifically invented and designed for practical clinical use for the robust and early detection of NPC.

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